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Endo Procedures and Tips for every need.

Masterfully crafted to empower ultrasonic tips for endodontics.


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The Tips of an Endo Revolution

Masterfully designed Ultrasonic tips for Endodontics.


  Pulp Chamber Tips

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E2D – Conical Diamond

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E7D – Access Diamond

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E3D – Ball Diamond

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E6D – Pear Diamond

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E10 – Bulk Removal

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Middle Third Tips

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E18D – Isthmus Diamond

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E5 – Conical Long

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E18 – Isthmus

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E4D – Long Diamond

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E11 – Heatsonic

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 Activation Tips

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E1 – Irrisonic

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 Apical Surgery Tips

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P1 – Surgical Standard

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P1T – Surgical Thin

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P1C – Surgical Custom

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P1M – Surgical Long

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P1TC – Surgical Thin Custom

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 Post Removal Tips

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E9 – Post Removal

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E12 – Post Removal HP

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E8 – Scouter

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 Retreatment Tips

R1 – Clearsonic

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R2 – Flatsonic

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Starter Packs to get you going.

We’ve assembled starter packs packaged with a procedure field guide to get you started supercharging ultrasonics in your practice.

Pack: Starter

Endo Starter Pack

The Endo Starter Pack includes 6 Ultrasonics Tips to get you started with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third and Activation procedures.

Pack: Master

Endo Master Pack

The Endo Master Pack includes 12 Ultrasonics Tips for Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation, Post Removal and Retreatment procedures.

Pack: Guru

Endo Guru Pack

The Endo Guru Pack includes 18 Ultrasonics Tips for maximum flexibility with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation,Post Removal, Apical Surgery and Retreatment procedures.