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Activating Calcium Hydroxide

Ultrasonics fill the canal system more effectively.

One of the most widely used intra-canal medicaments is calcium hydroxide paste. Due to its high viscosity and surface tension, penetration into the root canal system takes at least 15 days. The ultrasonic agitation of calcium hydroxide paste fills the canal system more effectively, with greater exposure to dentinal tubules and isthmus areas. It also helps to elevate the pH, creating an unfavorable environment for microbial growth.

E1 – Irrisonic

Simple to use, clinically effective and economic, the Irrisonic tip is used to activate the irrigating solution after root canal preparation. .01 taper/20 ISO tip sized, Irrisonic can be precurved and used in multiple cases. Recommended use with very low power level (10%).  

20% ideal, 30% max.

Step-by-Step Calcium Hydroxide Activation

1 – After preparing the root canals, fill them with calcium hydroxide.

2 – Activate the calcium hydroxide for 30 seconds, using the E1 Irrisonic ultrasonic tip (do this step for each canal).

3 – Add more calcium hydroxide to the canals and repeat step 2.

<img src=" Illustration-Activating-Irrigation-1.png" alt="Root canals previously cleaned">

1. Root Canals previously cleaned.

<img src="Illustration-Activating-Irrigation-2.png" alt="Activating calcium hydroxide fill the canal with calcium hydroxide.">

2. Fill the canal with calcium hydroxide. Activate for 30s. Repeat this step.

Dr. Ricardo Quote

“Since I started to use Helse ultrasonic tips, it was clear to me that I was dealing with innovative and excellent products for Endodontics. Cost wise they are a great deal, and the clinical results are outstanding.”

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Affonso Bernardes, MSc, PhD

Starter Packs to get you going.

Starter Packs to get you going.

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