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Removing Restorative Materials

Minimally invasive and safer than a high speed turbine.

The removal of restorative material such as amalgam, composite resin, and glass ionomer can be necessary to gain access to the root canal system. Removal of restorative materials with ultrasonic instrumentation under magnification can preserve tooth structure and avoid iatrogenic errors. The optimal inserts for this purpose are the diamond coated ball and pear shaped ones – the round end of these instruments helps to avoid perforations. Ultrasonic inserts provide a higher level of control, allowing a much less invasive approach when compared to burs.


E3D – Ball Diamond

The E3D – Ball Diamond provides fine cutting control when troughing yet it is less aggressive than the E6D – Pear Diamond. It is designed to remove coronal obstructions, find canals, restorative materials, calcifications, etc. The E3D creates a smooth, flat, clean troughing groove that eases canal location. It can also be used to refine prep margins and box preps, and to remove caries.

  Ideal 40% Max 50%


E6D – Pear Diamond

The E6D – Pear Diamond has excellent durability. It is used to locate canals, remove coronal obstructions, calcifications, restorative materials, cements (permanent and temporary), etc. The tip creates a smooth, flat, clean troughing groove that eases canal location. It can also be used to refine prep margins and box preps, and to remove caries.

  Ideal 30% Max 40%


E7D – Access Diamond

The E7D – Access Diamond has excellent durability. It’s end-cutting action is highly recommended for canal location, removal of obstructions, calcifications, caries, and prep margins refinement.

  Ideal 30% Max 40%

1. Pulp chamber with restorative materials blocking the access to the canals.

2. Remove remnants of amalgam, resin and ionomer with the ultrasonic insert.

3. Unblocked access to canals after the procedure.

Dr Kanter Quote

I have been impressed with the responsiveness and quality of the Helse ultrasonic tips.  They are my go to tips for custom bent apical surgery tips.  I routinely use them for non-surgical endodontic therapy and have been impressed with their durability and quality. .”

Dr. Keith Kanter, DDS

Starter Packs to get you going.

Starter Packs to get you going.

We’ve assembled three separate starter packs packaged with a procedure field guide to get you started supercharging ultrasonics in your practice. These endodontic starter kits are available now, while Surgery and Periodontic starter packs will be coming later in 2017.

Pack: Starter

Endo Starter Pack

The Endo Starter Pack includes 6 Ultrasonics Tips to get you started with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third and Activation procedures.

Pack: Master

Endo Master Pack

The Endo Master Pack includes 12 Ultrasonics Tips for Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation, Post Removal and Retreatment procedures.

Pack: Guru

Endo Guru Pack

The Endo Guru Pack includes 18 Ultrasonics Tips for maximum flexibility with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation,Post Removal, Apical Surgery and Retreatment procedures.