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Removing Separated Files

Remove separated files with Ultrasonics, safely and predictably.

A separated file will immediately change the level of complexity and involvement of an endodontic case by altering the outcome of cleaning, shaping, and filling of the canal. The use of magnification and ultrasonic instrumentation is an excellent alternative to removing a separated file. The procedure starts with a circumferential reduction of the dentin wall using a diamond coated ultrasonic insert (E4D or E18D). Subsequently, a plain insert (E5 or E18) must be placed in contact with the separated file and then activated. The vibration will loosen and dislocate the file.


E18 – Isthmus

The Isthmus tip is used for selective dentin removal in ishtmus or low access areas, and it is an excellent choice for retreatments, clearing root canal and removing Gutta-Percha.

  Ideal 20% Max 30%


E18D – Isthmus Diamond

The Isthmus D tip is specially developed to treat ishtmus or low access areas in which end and side cutting action is necessary. 

  Ideal 20% Max 30%


E4D – Long Diamond

The E4D provides safe and effective side cutting or pulpal floor dentin removal. Essential in enlarging access and troughing groove walls.

  Ideal 20% Max 40%


E5 – Conical Long

The E5 is used for very fine troughing around canal obstructions such as Thermafil carriers, silver points, separated instruments, posts, and to remove cement layers.

  Ideal 20% Max 40%

<img src=" Illustration-Separated-File-Removal-1.png" alt=" Ultrasonic tip reduces dentin around the separated file."

1. Reduce the dentin wall around the separated file.

<img src= "Illustration-Separated-File-Removal-2.png" alt="Second step in removing separated files is to vibrate the separated file until it moves.">

2. Vibrate the separated file until it moves.

<img src="Removing separated files by repeating previous 2 steps until the file is remove."

3. Repeat step 2 until the separate file is removed.

Dr Albert Goerig Quote

“I have Helse dental technology ultrasonic tips since they first came out and have found them highly effective, well-designed, reasonably priced and of excellent quality. I especially love them in my apical surgeries.  I would highly recommend this product.”

Dr. Albert (Ace) C. Goerig, DDS

Starter Packs to get you going.

Starter Packs to get you going.

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