Helsē Ultrasonic: an “emerging giant” of the endodontic industry.

As seen in Endodontic Practice, Fall 2017

Helsē Ultrasonic and it’s founder Dr. Alexandre Capelli, have been recognized by Endodontic Practice In the Fall 2017 Endospective article as a visionary shaping the future of endodontics.

Dr. Rich Mounce, who himself is a Helsē user, writes on the humble yet passionate beginnings of Helsē, “Out of a passion to innovate, Dr. Alexandre Capelli began to grind ultrasonic tips in Brazil… he valued added features and benefits to produce the finest ultrasonic tips available anywhere, at any price.” “In the beginning, the going was so tough that he was forced to move his family in with his parents to make ends meet.”

The days off were few, but Dr. Capelli continued working tirelessly and with integrity. Another Brazilian endodontic company who has seen success, shared many of the same begninnings. “Neither started with a lot of money, and neither had anything even remotely close to a guarantee of success. Neither ever cheated on anyone’s intellectual property and/or cut corners. Both are educators and give many CE courses in their home country.”

From these humble beginnings, Helse Ultrasonic grows in Brazil, the United States and beyond as an “emerging giant” in endodontics.

We are thrilled to have been recognized for our hard work and innovation by a respected endodontic publication.

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