Supercharge Ultrasonics for your Practice

Ultrasonic is for More Than Just Scaling

Ultrasonics is an incredible tool for dentistry. While historically associated with scaling tasks, our advances in ultrasonics provide a revolutionary combination of precision and safety for a variety of dental procedures. Ultrasonics can cut hard tissue such as bone and dentin, and yet remove bacterial biofilm without damaging soft tissue.  At Helse we focus on four areas of Ultrasonic use.


Ultrasonics excel in many aspects of Root Canal procedures allowing doctors to provide a level of care that is nearly impossibly with files and points alone.

Periodontics & Scaling

The most widespread use of ultrasonics is for cleaning and scaling.


The nature of the Piezo frequency pattern used in Ultrasonics gives them the amazing ability to isolate and cut hard tissue while leaving soft tissues uneffected.



Ultrasonic tips designed to carefully avoid any soft tissue damage during crown and cavity preparation and finishing.

Easy to Use and Minimally Invasive

One of the greatest benefits of ultrasonics is ensuring procedures are minimally invasive. Minimally invasive dentistry is achieved through ultrasonic techniques that preserve health, function and esthetics of oral tissue by preventing disease from occurring, or intercepting its progress with minimal tissue loss.

We Give You Step-by-Step Guidance

At Helse, we believe in creating great products but also in helping you undertand how to use them to their highest potential in your daily practice. To that end, we have created step-by-step procedure guides featuring easy to follow steps, illustrations and videos you’ll be able to utilize Ultrasonics in your practice immediately.


The power level, or amplitude, of your Ultrasonic unit is critical measure for the effectiveness of the instrument. A higher power level doesn’t necessarily mean a more effective procedure. In fact, excessive power can break a tip, overheat your unit or even damage the tooth. Always follow the power level indicated for each tip and procedure.


Cooling fluid, typically water, is needed for many procedures. Cooling not only prevents the tip from overheating, but also protects tooth and bone. Water is used in many procedures to rinse debris and remains from the treated area. Our Procedure Guides will indicate when cooling is needed.


Metal inserts, or tips, directly touch the tissue and are the part of the ultrasonic unit that vibrates—although too fast for the naked eye to perceive. Tips are selected according to tissue type, application and region. Abrasive tips, such as Helse Diamond Coated tips are used to cut dentin. Each Procedure Guide will indicate which tips are recommended for each specific procedure.

Starter Packs to get you going.

Starter Packs to get you going.

We’ve assembled three separate starter packs packaged with a procedure field guide to get you started supercharging ultrasonics in your practice.

Endo Starter Pack

The Endo Starter Pack includes 6 Ultrasonics Tips to get you started with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third and Activation procedures.

Endo Master Pack

The Endo Master Pack includes 12 Ultrasonics Tips for Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation, Post Removal and Retreatment procedures.

Endo Guru Pack

The Endo Guru Pack includes 18 Ultrasonics Tips for maximum flexibility with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation,Post Removal, Apical Surgery and Retreatment procedures.


When purchasing tips we offer savings for every 6 tips you add to your cart. No discount codes just add to your cart and start saving.

Choosing an Ultrasonic Unit

The ultrasonic unit you already own will most likely work seamlessly with Helse Ultrasonic tips. We manufacture each tip in the most popular S-Thread, and also in E-Thread and N-Thread. Find out more about thread compatablity here. If you are interested in purchasing a unit, Helse Ultrasonic sells an excellent, compact ultrasonic unit by Bonart.

Dr Albert Goerig Quote

“I have Helse dental technology ultrasonic tips since they first came out and have found them highly effective, well-designed, reasonably priced and of excellent quality. I especially love them in my apical surgeries.  I would highly recommend this product.”

Dr. Albert (Ace) C. Goerig, DDS