Power and Water Settings for Low-Spray Tips 

There are many different ultrasonic units on the market, each one with specific characteristics that may result in different power transmission to the ultrasonic tip. Each model of ultrasonic tip also behaves slightly differently. Therefore the operation range needs to be identified for each unit and tip model combination.

Before start using your Helse Low-Spray tips, follow these important steps:


1. Thread the tip to the hand piece. Do not forget to thread it all the way (about 4-5 turns) and use the mini-wrench to tighten it. Do not over tighten – it should be enough just to avoid the tip from being unscrewed by hand only.

2. Open the water flow in your ultrasonic unit and set the unit power to 5%.

3. Press the foot switch and check the water flow. It should be a constant drip, not a steady flow. Use the water knob to regulate the flow until you achieve the desired dripping condition (more details in the video below).

4. Slowly increase power until the water dripping turns into a mist. Take note of the power setting at this point – this is the beginning of your no-go zone. For Low-Spray operation, power should be kept below that setting all the time (more details in the video below).

5. You can now start using your Low-Spray tips.

 Power Profile VIDEO

LS1 – PerioBlade 1