Activating the Irrigation Solution

The Irrigation Solution Needs a Push to Get in.

Ultrasonic activation is more efficient than traditional irrigation methods because it potentiates biofilm removal with the action of the irrigation fluid. It significantly eliminates more remnants of pulp and necrotic tissue from lateral canals and isthmus areas because it allows a deeper penetration of irrigants into complex anatomic regions of the root canal. 

E1 – Irrisonic

Simple to use, clinically effective and economic, the Irrisonic tip is used to activate the irrigating solution after root canal preparation. .01 taper/20 ISO tip sized, Irrisonic can be precurved and used in multiple cases. Recommended use with very low power level (10%).  

Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation cleans 94% of Bacteria.


Self-Adjusting File


Positive Apical Pressure Irrigation


XP-endo Finisher


Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation

Step-by-Step Irrigation Solution Activation

1 – Root canal must be previously cleaned

2 – Flood the canal and the pulp chamber using:

      a) EDTA – place Irrisonic 2mm short of the WL and activate for 15 seconds
      b) NaOCl – place Irrisonic 2mm short of the WL and activate for 15 seconds
c) Repeat a)
d) Repeat b)

3 – After the four-step activation, turn on the water cooling of the ultrasonic unit in order to rinse the canal using a continuous ultrasonic flow

1. Root Canals previously cleaned.

<img src= "Illustration-Activating-Irrigation-2.png" alt="Activating irrigation solution for 15 seconds">

2. Activate EDTA for 15s, NaOCL for 15s. Repeat this step.

Effect caused by the Irrisonic in the Irrigation Solution.

Irrisonic activating irrigation solution

Clean root canals after procedure with Irrisonic

Dr. Ricardo Quote

“Since I started to use Helse ultrasonic tips, it was clear to me that I was dealing with innovative and excellent products for Endodontics. Cost wise they are a great deal, and the clinical results are outstanding.”

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Affonso Bernardes, MSc, PhD

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Starter Packs to get you going.

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