Cleaning Flattened Canals

Never fear a flattened or irregular canal.

Most root canals have a flattened shape to some degree, presenting narrow anatomic areas with pulp and/or necrotic tissue. This flattening happens in 89% of lower molars, 75% of lower incisors and 54% of upper premolars. When instrumenting canals with traditional files, a large portion of wall areas remains untouched. Ultrasonic tips can considerably raise the percentage of cleaned surface and enhance the removal of biofilm.


E18D – Isthmus Diamond

The Isthmus D tip is specially developed to treat ishtmus or low access areas in which end and side cutting action is necessary. 


E4D – Long Diamond

The E4D provides safe and effective side cutting or pulpal floor dentin removal. Essential in enlarging access and troughing groove walls.


<img alt=" R1 Clearsonic™ Ultrasonic Endo Tip"

R1 – Clearsonic™

The R1 Clearsonic™ tip is used for selective cleaning of areas left untouched by traditional files. It is an excellent choice for retreatments, especially in oval shaped canals, and very effective in the removal of Gutta-Percha.


R2 – Flatsonic™

The R2 Flatsonic™ tip is used for selective cleaning of areas left untouched by traditional files. It is an excellent choice for retreatments, especially in long oval canals, where even the R1 Clearsonic would not fit. Very effective in the removal of Gutta-Percha.

Files Aren’t Enough to Clean Narrow Canals.

The root canal is NOT round

Root canals are not round but in fact flat and many different shapes. Traditional files are unable to clean the isthmus.

Files can’t thoroughly clean

Traditional Files don’t touch every wall. If there is no touching, bacterias are not removed.


Canal Walls Untouched by Traditional Files

Step-by-Step Flattened Canal Cleaning

1 – Clean the flattened canal using a proper diameter ultrasonic tip. For thinner canals, we recommend the ISTHMUS or ISTHMUS D tips. For larger canals, the E5 or the E4D.

2 – Touch the canal walls with the ultrasonic tip in order to dissociate the biofilm. Diamond coated tips have a higher cutting action. Therefore, they must be used with caution, preferably by professionals that have magnification equipment available.

3 –  Finally, you may turn on the water flow to rinse and remove debris created during the procedure.

<img src="Illustrations-Cleaning-Flattened-Canals-1.png" alt="A canal after instrumentation with files">

1. Canals after instrumentation with files.

<img src="Illustrations-Cleaning-Flattened-Canals-2.png" alt="Ultrasonic insert touching all flattened areas">

2. The ultrasonic insert must touch all flattened areas including the buccal and lingual walls.

<img src=" Illustrations-Cleaning-Flattened-Canals-3.png" alt"A clean canal wall after the procedure">

3. Clean walls after the procedure.

Molar distal canal with untouched areas after preparation with traditional files

<img src" Flattened-Canals-2.jpg" alt="Clean molar distal after procedure using ultrasonic inserts"

Molar distal canal after cleaning procedure using ultrasonic inserts

Use the tip gently, as if you were using a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. The cutting does not come from the pressure applied, but from the vibration. Avoid working for more than 30 seconds without water flow – it can damage the hand piece due to overheating.

Dr Kanter Quote

I have been impressed with the responsiveness and quality of the Helse ultrasonic tips.  They are my go to tips for custom bent apical surgery tips.  I routinely use them for non-surgical endodontic therapy and have been impressed with their durability and quality. .”

Dr. Keith Kanter, DDS

Starter Packs to get you going.

Starter Packs to get you going.

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