Locating Calcified Canals

Fast and safe removal of blockages.

One of the challenges in endodontics is the removal of calcifications that block the access to the root canals. The best treatment for this condition is the combination of magnification and ultrasonics. The improved visualization and the conservative removal of tooth structure with the ultrasonic tip result in fewer iatrogenic errors.


E3D – Ball Diamond

The E3D – Ball Diamond provides fine cutting control when troughing yet it is less aggressive than the E6D – Pear Diamond. It is designed to remove coronal obstructions, find canals, restorative materials, calcifications, etc. The E3D creates a smooth, flat, clean troughing groove that eases canal location. It can also be used to refine prep margins and box preps, and to remove caries.


E6D – Pear Diamond

The E6D – Pear Diamond has excellent durability. It is used to locate canals, remove coronal obstructions, calcifications, restorative materials, cements (permanent and temporary), etc. The tip creates a smooth, flat, clean troughing groove that eases canal location. It can also be used to refine prep margins and box preps, and to remove caries.


The E7D – Access Diamond has excellent durability. It’s end-cutting action is highly recommended for canal location, removal of obstructions, calcifications, caries, and prep margins refinement.


E15 – The Finder™

The Finder is a diamond coated ultrasonic tip with an end diameter similar to the one of a #2 Gates Glidden drill (around 0.7mm). Designed initially to locate MB2 canals, it has been also used with great efficiency to locate calcified canals, locate isthmuses, and to prepare the root canal orifice. Its long shape allows enhanced visualization through the microscope. 

Knowing where to access is only the first step.

1st Law of canal location

The root canal access is always located in the floor-wall junction (FWJ).

2nd law of canal location

The root canal access is always located in a vertex.

Step-by-Step Calcified Canal Location

1. After achieving access to the pulp chamber using a high speed turbine, place the ultrasonic tip in direct contact with the calcification.

2. Initiate the removal through straight and continuous movements over the calcification (do not use water during this step).

3. Ultrasonic inserts are meant to be used for short periods of time, to avoid overheating. To rinse and remove dentin and pulp remains, use a syringe containing sodium hypochlorite, followed by suction and drying of the pulp chamber.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all obstructions are eliminated


<img src="Illustrations-Locating-Calcified-Canals-1.png" alt="Step 1 Locating Calcified Canls">1. Pulp chamber with calcifications obstructing the access to the canals.



<img src="Illustrations-Locating-Calcified-Canals-2.png" alt="Step 2 Locating Calcified Canls">

2. Ultrasonic tip in contact with calcification and activated to remove obstructions.



<img src= "Illustrations-Locating-Calcified-Canals-3.png" alt="Step 3 in Locating Calcified Canals">

3. Accessible canals after instrumentation with ultrasonic insert.


Pulp chamber with calcifications obstructing the access to the canals.

E6D ultrasonic tip activated in contact with calcifications.

Accessible canals after instrumentation with ultrasonic insert.

Check the color difference between the pulp chamber walls and floor. The correct identification of the floor-wall junction (FWJ) is a very important detail during the access phase!

Dr. Ricardo Quote

“Since I started to use Helse ultrasonic tips, it was clear to me that I was dealing with innovative and excellent products for Endodontics. Cost wise they are a great deal, and the clinical results are outstanding.”

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Affonso Bernardes, MSc, PhD

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