Locating Isthmus Areas

Ultrasonics makes locating and cleaning Isthmus precise.

Failing to locate and treat canal anatomy can contribute to persistent infection and postoperative sequelae. Isthmuses are narrow anatomic areas that connect two root canals. Vital or necrotic pulp can remain in an isthmus if left untreated. Instrumentation of an isthmus with burs can result in excessive removal of tooth structure and iatrogenic ramifications. The concomitant use of ultrasonics and magnification facilitates precise and selective cleaning of isthmus areas.


E2D – Conical Diamond

The E2D – Conical Diamond is indicated for both side and end cutting, enlarging the ishtmus and troughing.


E6D – Pear Diamond

The E6D – Pear Diamond has excellent durability. It is used to locate canals, remove coronal obstructions, calcifications, restorative materials, cements (permanent and temporary), etc. The tip creates a smooth, flat, clean troughing groove that eases canal location. It can also be used to refine prep margins and box preps, and to remove caries.


E15 – The Finder™

The Finder is a diamond coated ultrasonic tip with an end diameter similar to the one of a #2 Gates Glidden drill (around 0.7mm). Designed initially to locate MB2 canals, it has been also used with great efficiency to locate calcified canals, locate isthmuses, and to prepare the root canal orifice. Its long shape allows enhanced visualization through the microscope. 

<img src= "Illustrations-Cleaning-Isthmus-4.png" alt="Step 1 in Locating Isthmus Areas">

1. Canals after instrumentation with files.

<img src="Illustrations-Cleaning-Isthmus-5.png" alt="Step 2 in locating isthmus areas">

2. The ultrasonic insert must touch all isthmus walls.

<img src= " Illustrations-Cleaning-Isthmus-6.png" alt="Step 3 in locating isthmus areas.">

3. Clean isthmus area.

Dr. Jose Mauricio Camargo

“There is no question about it: the Bladesonic is a very ergonomic tip and performs a clean cut with minimal root structure loss. It is indispensable to any endodontic arsenal.”

Jose Maurício de Camargo, DDS

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Starter Packs to get you going.

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