Refining the Access

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Ultrasonics makes access faster and less invasive.

The access is the first phase of endodontic treatment. It permits entry to the pulp chamber through the removal of its roof as well as dentin, facilitating the access to the canal orifices. A well designed and well executed access is paramount to achieving proper cleaning, shaping, and obturation of the root canal system.


The E7D – Access Diamond has excellent durability. It’s end-cutting action is highly recommended for canal location, removal of obstructions, calcifications, caries, and prep margins refinement.


E6D – Pear Diamond

The E6D – Pear Diamond has excellent durability. It is used to locate canals, remove coronal obstructions, calcifications, restorative materials, cements (permanent and temporary), etc. The tip creates a smooth, flat, clean troughing groove that eases canal location. It can also be used to refine prep margins and box preps, and to remove caries.

1st Law of canal location

The root canal access is always located in the wall-floor junction.

2nd law of canal location

The root canal access is always located in a vertex.

Step-by-Step Access Refining

1 – Choose a round shaped ultrasonic insert (E3D, E6D or E7D)

2 – Place the insert inside the pulp chamber. Do not turn on the vibration (footswitch) until the ultrasonic tip is touching the dentin.

3 – Wear out any interferences and materials that may be blocking the access to the root canals.

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1. Access with pulp chamber roof remaining.

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2. Place insert inside the pulp chamber, contact the dentin, and then activate ultrasonic action.

<img alt="Step 3 in Access Refining">

3. Remove all interferences obstructing access to canals.

Use the tip gently, as if you were using a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. The cutting does not come from the pressure applied, but from the vibration. Avoid working for more than 30 seconds without water flow – it can damage the hand piece due to overheating.

Dr Jenner Quote

“Since I Started Using HELSE ultrasonic tips my endodontic clinical practice have became much more easy and predictable; ideal instruments for micro-endodontics with an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.”

Jenner O. Argueta, DDS, MSc – President of the Guatemala Endodontics

Starter Packs to get you going.

Starter Packs to get you going.

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