Faster, safer and easier access for root end preparation with Ultrasonics.

Root end preparation may be challenging depending on tooth location, inclination and accessibility. The P1 line of ultrasonic tips was developed to facilitate access for different working angles and mitigate these challenges. The diamond coating guarantees a fast, safe and efficient execution. 


P1 – Surgical

The P1 endodontic surgical tip is indicated where standard retro preparation depths are required.


P1M – Surgical

The P1M endodontic surgical tip is indicated where deeper retro preparation depths are required. 


P1T – Surgical Thin

The P1T endodontic surgical thin tip is indicated where smaller retro preparation diameters are required.


P1TC – Surgical Thin Custom

The P1TC endodontic surgical thin custom tip is a straight P1T that can be bent once at any angle and direction needed.


P1C – Surgical Custom

The P1C endodontic surgical custom tip is a straight P1 that can be bent once at any angle and direction needed.


P1B – Bladesonic

The P1B endodontic surgical tip is indicated to perform root resection during apical surgery.


1. After removing infected or inflamed tissue, resect the root end using a P1B Bladesonic tip (or a P1S Sawsonic).



<img src=" Illustration-Apical-Surgery-2.png" alt="P1 line tip is chosen according to size and angle of canal.">

2. Choose one of the retro prep tips (P1, P1M, P1T, P1C or P1TC) according to size and angle of the canal.



<img src=" Illustration-Apical-Surgery-1.png" alt="Retropreparation and obturation are performed with our P1 line.">

3. Perform retropreparation and obturate.


Dr Jenner Quote

“Since I Started Using HELSE ultrasonic tips my endodontic clinical practice have became much more easy and predictable; ideal instruments for micro-endodontics with an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.”

Jenner O. Argueta, DDS, MSc – President of the Guatemala Endodontics

Starter Packs to get you going.

Starter Packs to get you going.

We’ve assembled three separate starter packs packaged with a procedure field guide to get you started supercharging ultrasonics in your practice.

Endo Starter Pack

The Endo Starter Pack includes 6 Ultrasonics Tips to get you started with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third and Activation procedures.

Endo Master Pack

The Endo Master Pack includes 12 Ultrasonics Tips for Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation, Post Removal and Retreatment procedures.

Endo Guru Pack

The Endo Guru Pack includes 18 Ultrasonics Tips for maximum flexibility with Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation,Post Removal, Apical Surgery and Retreatment procedures.


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